Zimbabwe holds Inception meeting with Special School Teachers, Pre Service and Teacher Educators on Comprehensive Sexuality Education Online Training

Published on 02/09/2021

In recognition of the important role that teachers play in the delivery of CSE in the classroom, UNESCO is supporting pre-service teachers, teacher educators and special schoolteachers to enrol for the CSE online course. One hundred and thirty (130) teachers are being supported with a scholarship and data bundles to complete the course at their own pace, owing to the Covid 19 restrictions that did not allow face-to-face trainings for the bulk of 2021.


To provide a better orientation about the course, including basics on online learning, UNESCO organised a virtual orientation meeting for the target participants. By the time of the orientation meeting, 118 participants had successfully registered and ready to start the course, with the remaining 12 working on regularising their registration.


The training course seeks to ensure effective implementation of the Guidance and Counselling and Life Skills Education curriculum at primary and secondary education level, through equipping both teacher educators and pre service teachers with skills to deliver CSE. The expected outcomes are;

  • participants demonstrate comfort with, commitment to, and self-efficacy in teaching CSE
  • participants have accurate and current knowledge of the biological, emotional, social, and legal aspects of human sexuality.
  • participants have the right competencies to use a variety of effective strategies to teach CSE

All training participants are expected to complete the course by 8 October 2021, with each participant receiving an electronic certificate on the course.