O3 Plus Zambia project Validation meeting

Published on 21/06/2021

UNESCO and the Ministry of Higher Education in Zambia will conduct a validation meeting of the Health Facility Assessment and Baseline Studies reports as well as conduct project Inception meeting for the new UNESCO CSE project that will be implemented in 12 higher learning institutions in Zambia from 2021 to 2024 with support from the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) titled Our Rights, Our Lives, Our Future (O3 Plus).

The validation meeting is aimed at creating an opportunity to deepen the understanding of stakeholders on how the O3 Plus Zambia project will contribute to the Zambia national response in helping young people in higher and tertiary education institutions in Zambia to enjoy improved sexual and reproductive health, through sustained declines in new HIV infections, early and unintended pregnancy, and gender-based violence, enabling them to reach their full educational potential and contribute more effectively to the development of their countries and region as graduates, professionals and young leaders. Secondly, the meeting will also offer an opportunity to validate the O3 Plus Baseline survey and the Health Facility assessment. The two studies were conducted in the month of May, 2021. The inception meeting will be facilitated by UNESCO and the Ministry of Higher Education.